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Voice Recognition
901 East Monroe Street, New Bremen, OH 45869
P: 419-629-8606       F: 419-629-0115
Elementary School
901 East Monroe Street
New Bremen, OH 45869
Phone: (419) 629-8606
Fax: (419) 629-0115


Learning Target # 1
I can use mental math to solve addition and subtraction problems.

Learning Target # 2
I can count money use count money and paper bills.
Click on the link below to download the mixed review timed test. Print out the test. Set a timer for 4 minutes and do as many problems as you can in that time.


 Task #1Click on the link below to practice counting money.
Task #2
 Click on the link below to download the math money worksheet. Print out the worksheets and complete the problems.
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