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Music History I
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Music History I Course Outline


This semester you will learn and/or be able to complete the following:


The six historical periods of Western Classical Music

Significant composers of the Renaissance and Baroque Periods

The contributions of Guido of Arezzo, J.S. Bach, Jean-Philippe Rameau and Antonio Vivaldi

Harmonic texture including monophonic, polyphonic and
homophonic textures

Identify significant composers of the Classical and Romantic
periods in Western music.

Compare and contrast Classical and Romantic Music.

Describe the organization of music forms.

Discuss Impressionism and Expressionism in music.

Describe works by nationalistic composers of the twentieth century.

Define 12-tone and aleatory, and explain the procedures related to each type of music.

Describe trends in music toward the end of the 1900s.

Explain what the music of various cultures teaches us about the cultures and their people.

Identify classifications and specific types of musical instruments and the sound each produces.

Analyze examples of traditional music from distinct world cultures.

Describe the history and contribution of Motown to American popular music.

Identify the musical elements composers use to create.

Describe the distinction between composers and arrangers.

Explain the musical form of theme and variations.

List the responsibilities of the conductor.

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