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Music History II
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Music History II Course Outline

This semester you will learn and/or be able to complete the following:


Identify five modern American composers and songwriters

Describe how these musical artists use music to communicate

Identify the characteristics that make their works American.

Identify the creative processes and the source of musical ideas that these composers and arrangers use in developing their music.

Describe the beginnings of Jazz.

Identify the musical characteristics that make jazz a uniquely American music.

Distinguish among various jazz styles and eras.

Identify significant jazz musicians.

Identify the uses of music to express romantic ideas and feelings.

Recognize the use of symbolism and metaphor in songwriting.

Analyze the prosody of lyrics and music.

Identify the hook in popular songs.

Compare various romantic musical expressions from various cultures and eras.

Describe the beginnings of opera.

Identify musical characteristics that communicate emotions.

Summarize the similarities and differences between an opera and a musical.

Identify milestones in the development of the Broadway musical.

Name composers of classic Broadway musicals.

Analyze and evaluate a Broadway musical.

Describe the origins and development of music in the art of film.

Identify three ways in which music enhances the dramatic action in a film.

Explain how music gives continuity to a film.

Describe the process that is used to match music and sound to film.









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