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Science Lesson

Learning Target
I can plan and conduct simple investigations.

Resting On Water: The Salty Experiment
Experiment: How much salt does it take to float an egg?
Category: Chemistry
Ages: Elementary, Middle School

 One quick science fair project is to see how much salt it takes to float an egg. For this project you will need very few supplies; just glasses to put the egg in, some table salt, water, and of course an egg. You can start by hypothesizing how much salt you think it will take to sink the egg.

Next take a glass, place an egg in it, and fill it about three-quarters full with water. Then start by adding one teaspoon of salt, and be sure to record your results after each teaspoon. Continue adding salt one teaspoon at a time until the egg begins to float.


one raw egg, a drinking glass (preferably clear), water, salt, teaspoon

Click on the link 'Experiment Paper' and print it out.  Follow the directions on the paper to complete the science experiment using the steps of the scientific method.
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