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Nonfiction Summary Writing



Reading Applications (Informational, Technical, and PersuasiveText) 2: Summarize main ideas in informational text, using supporting detailsas appropriate.

Reading Applications (Informational, Technical, and PersuasiveText) 7: Distinguish fact from opinion.

Learning Targets

I can find facts in a nonfiction passage.

I can use my own words to write a summary of the passage.

I can ask questions about a topic.


Learning Task

1. Go to the fact frenzy website by clicking here.

2. Click on view the demo. After viewing the demo, try it for yourself.

3. Choose one of the passages that you would like to read and find facts from.

4. Before reading the passage, think of 3 questions about the topic that you'd like to know the answer to and write them on a piece of paper. Once you have created your questions, read the passage.

5.*To collect the facts, you have todrag individual words to the notepad.

6. Print your finished notepad or write your words on your own piece of paper.


Practice & Application

1. Use the facts you have gathered to write a summary of the passage you have read. You should write the summary in your own words and it will probably only be around 2 sentences long. After writing the summary, you should look at the passage to be sure that what you've written makes sense.

2. If the passage answered your questions. Write down the answers to your questions.

3. If you haven't found the answers to all your questions, do some searching on the internet to find the remaining answers. Bring the summary and your questions/answers to school.



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