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Learning Target

1.  I can identify and describe the physical properties of matter in its various states.

2.  I can explain that matter has different states ( solid, liquid, and gas) and that each

Lesson Overview

You are going to learn about the 3 states of matter.

Task #1

1.  You will use a dictionary to look up the following words and write their definitions down on a piece of paper.  You can use a dictionary you have at home or the computer.

Words:  condensation    evaporation    gas    liquid   matter   solid

Task #2

  1.  Now go to
  2.  go to the topic science
  3.  click on matter
  4.  click on solids, liquids and gas
  5.  watch video
  6.  listen to the karaoke song
  7.  take the quiz and print off your score or write your score down on your definition paper and have a parent sign it.

Task # 3

1.  Now list 5 things in you house that are solids
2.  5 things that are liquids
3.  2 gases you breathe in and out


solids                             liquids                                  gas
1                                 1.                                     1.
2.                                2.                                     2.
3.                                3.      
4.                                4.
5.                                5.

Thanks for your hard work.  I hope to see you soon.
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