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Check back here for a few pictures, including aerial photos, of the progress of our construction project.
The video below shows a three dimensional interior model of the new building. While this video does not show the entire building, it should give you a good idea of what the building will look like when it is complete.

The new building will be a state-of-the-art facility for engaging students and staff.  Design goals include creating an atmosphere where students can grow and thrive, and where the building supports staff through the educational process. The building will have the latest technological features seen in Ohio’s schools of today with energy-efficiency being a high priority.


**7th and 8th Grade Classroom Update: The facility plan has been updated to reflect new opportunities, changes in educational staffing, and budget constraints that the district is working through due to inflation of construction materials and labor cost since the bond levy passed in May of 2017. The original plan included three academic classrooms and a special education room located in the southeast connector. In addition, two existing high school rooms would have also been used in the existing high school. Reductions in staffing through attrition will open up additional classroom space in the existing high school. Another change that took place was the reduction of the middle school principal position and the realigned to K-6 and 7-12 principal positions.


These changes have allowed the district to house the 7th and 8th grade students in the existing high school. The district plans to renovate one of the larger high school classrooms to create a 7th and 8th grade science lab and remodel office space to gain a special education classroom. Four other high school classrooms will be used for the 7th and 8th grade. Therefore, the south academic hall will house the 7th and 8th grade classrooms and lockers for grades 7-9. (Students in grades 10-12 will use lockers in the north hall where most of their classrooms are situated.) This setup preserves the original concept of the plan by having a junior high wing, is cost effective, and is better aligned with principal supervision. It is also an efficient use of space in the high school as it allows each teacher to have their own classroom.            


New Building Features

  • The new building will be located to the southeast of the existing high school.
  • The school district will utilize the existing high school kitchen to serve all grade levels K-12. The new building will be connected to the existing high school near the kitchen. The new building will have a separate student dining area for K-6. 
  • The student dining area will also be a multi-purpose space with a sports floor that is larger than our current elementary gym. It will be setup for volleyball and basketball.  
  • The connector on the southeast side of the high school will be the Komminsk Center for Innovative Thinking and is being paid for entirely by a generous donation from Ms. Dianne Komminsk. 
  • There will be a stage that will open to both the student dining area and the middle school gym.
  • Retractable bleachers on the south side of the middle school gym will allow for two practice courts for volleyball and basketball.
  • The public entrance to the middle school gym will take advantage of the existing parking lot behind the high school.
  • The main entrance to the new building will be from the east on Cardinal Street. The secure entrance is flanked by district offices to the north and elementary offices to the south. 
  • The south portion of the building will house all the academic spaces for grades K-6.
  • Classrooms will be grouped by grade level with large shared learning spaces outside of their traditional classrooms.
  • Special Education rooms will be spaced throughout the academic areas.
  • The media center, computer lab, art and music rooms flank an interior courtyard to be used as a safe outdoor learning space.
  • A new playground will be located to the south of the building.
  • Exterior materials will include a masonry veneer and standing seam metal roof to complement the existing high school.
  • Natural daylight will be a primary emphasis in each of the K-6 classrooms. 


Below is an image of the floor plan as of December 27, 2018. Click on the arrows in the upper right corner for a larger version of this image. This image is very detailed, however, and may be difficult to read in image format. You can click here to download a PDF version of this floor plan that will allow you to zoom in to any portion of the image and take a closer look. 

The image below is of our site plan.

The land swap transaction has allowed the District to developed a new master site plan based on a recent traffic study conducted by Choice One Engineering. The plan includes the 13 acre parcel on the east side of the campus known as the Fairground Farm. The Village of New Bremen has vacated the first 830 feet of Cardinal Street from Monroe Street (to take effect in April 2019). Once the building project is complete, this vacated section of Cardinal Street allows two entry and exit points for the school that are separated by green space and will allow for one contiguous, safer site for our students, staff, community members and visitors. This natural separation (by the multipurpose field) will also prevent cross traffic congestion and the south drive exiting onto Kettler Road will provide event traffic in the rear parking lot direct access to and from school grounds.

Clicking on the Full Screen Arrows in the upper-right of the image below will bring up a larger version of this site plan.
The image below shows the newly acquired land for New Bremen Schools. (The new land is shaded in yellow in the image.)
The District has been working to acquire two properties on the east and west sides of the high school campus along Monroe Street through a land swap. The land is being swapped for the existing elementary property on Walnut and Plum Streets. The swap will increase the acreage of the high school campus by almost 15 acres to 67.86 acres. The additional space has allowed for the development of a master site plan with safety improvements for vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The terms of the agreement will allow the District to retain possession of the elementary property until the new school being constructed is operational in August of 2020.
Clicking on the Full Screen Arrows in the upper-right of the image below will bring up a larger version of this image.

Projected Construction Schedule

One of the most common questions asked is when construction will begin on the new building? The timeline below outlinesthe projected construction schedule. The pre-construction drainage work will be completed this summer during the monthsof June, July, and August. The work will consist of modifying water flow in the south parking lot behind the high school andcreating a water retention area between the athletic stadium and Monroe Street. The construction work will most likelyhave an impact on access to the main high school parking lot from Monroe Street and cause some parking restrictions.Additional details will be communicated at a later date on the school website and social media.
  • Pre-Construction Drainage Work - June/August 2018
  • Building Site Work - February/June 2019
  • Foundation Slabs - April/July 2019
  • Structure, Roof - June/September 2019
  • Interior Structure - August 2019/January 2020
  • Building Finishes - October 2019/March 2020
  • Final Site Work, Landscaping - March/July 2020
  • Student Occupancy - August 2020
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