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Bond Levy On The May 2, 2017 Ballot
The New Bremen Board of Education has placed an 8.46 Mill Bond Levy on the May 2, 2017 ballot.
What Are We Asking For?
The passage of the May 2nd Bond Issue will provide the school district with the following: 
  • A new, K-8 facility will be constructed adjacent and connected to our high school
    • This facility will be connected to the high school, however, our younger students will be separated from the high school students by way of the connector between the new building and the existing high school.
    • Because this new facility will be located at the high school campus, we can reduce costs through sharing building services and better utilizing our teaching staff through scheduling flexibility.
    • By being connected to the high school, all students will have access to the James F. Dicke Auditorium, the CBC and the track.
    • The new building will have fewer entrances, all electronically monitored, to increase safety and security.
    • The new building will have a better and safer traffic flow pattern for student pick-up and drop-off.
    • The new building will be asbestos and lead paint free and have healthier air and water quality. 
Preliminary Site Plan
The image below is of our preliminary site plan. Please note that this is a footprint-only site plan. The actual design of the building will take place only after the Bond Levy passes.
  • The new school is in yellow and to the southeast of the current high school, which is in white.
  • Adding additional driveways around the building allows for a better, safer traffic flow pattern, both in front of the current high school and in front of the new K-8 facility.
  • Buses will drop-off and pick up students in the back of the school.
  • Our community still has easy access to the James F. Dicke Auditorium, the CBC and all of our sports facilities and fields.
Clicking on the Full Screen Arrows in the upper-right of the image below will bring up a larger version of this site plan.
Levy Financing Details
Here are the details of the Bond Levy
  • Bond Term: 30 years
  • Total Millage Rate: 8.46 Mills
  • Total Project Cost: $20,041,930
  • State Share: $5,676,185
  • Total Local Share: $14,365,745
Important Note: 
Our current high school millage rate is 6.68 mills and this will be paid off this year. This means that taxpayers will only see a millage rate increase of 1.78 mills from what they are paying now
The ADDITIONAL Annual Tax From What We Pay Now.
The following two tables show examples of how our taxes will increase from what we are paying now. It is important to note that this is the increase in our school property tax from what we are paying now because our current high school bond will be paid off at the end of this year. These tables also show the comparison in costs between building a new K-8 facility and renovating the current elementary/middle school. This cost difference is one of the primary reasons the Board of Education decided on the construction of a new K-8 facility on the high school site.
Net Difference in Taxes per $100,000 Home 
Annual Tax INCREASE to Build
New K-8 at High School Site
Annual Tax INCREASE to Renovate
Existing K-8 Building 
 Annual Cost$91.53$196.53 
 Monthly Cost$7.63$16.38 
 Weekly Cost$1.76$3.78 
 Daily Cost$0.25$0.54
 Net Difference in Taxes per Median Home Value in New Bremen of $155,900
Annual Tax INCREASE to Build
New K-8 at High School Site
 Annual Tax INCREASE to Renovate
Existing K-8 Building
 Annual Cost$142.69 $306.38
 Monthly Cost$11.89 $25.53
 Weekly Cost$2.74 $5.89
 Daily Cost$0.39 $0.84
Additional Annual Property Tax Calculator
If you would like to know how much your property taxes will INCREASE should the levy pass in May, click the link below to use our tax calculator.
Why Is The Board of Education Asking For This Now?
  • The age of our K-8 building requires significant updates and we have already been forced to implement major repairs over the last few years. In fact, we have spent approximately $345,241.00 in repair costs at the elementary/middle school in the last five years.
    • The original section of our current facility was built in 1929 - 88 years ago.
    • The elementary school addition was added in 1956 - 61 years ago.
    • The larger gym was added in 1968 - 49 years ago.
    • A final addition of a few classrooms was added in 1991 - 26 years ago.
  • Our current bonds on the high school will be paid in full in December 2017.
  • The State of Ohio is offering to share in the cost of this project at 28%.
  • Loan interest rates are low.
  • Construction costs continue to increase.
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