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  • The application is a PDF document for which you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader or compatible program. If you don't have a program for viewing/printing PDF files, click the logo above to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to your computer.
  • Fill out the form and print it. Mail the form to the address below or deliver it to the district office.
The Board shall permit any student from any district in the State to apply and enroll in the District schools free of any tuition obligation, provided that all procedures as outlined in the following are met.

A. Applications for participation in the Inter-District Open Enrollment Program may be obtained at the New Bremen Local School District, located at 901 E Monroe Street, New Bremen, Ohio. Completed applications shall be submitted to the Superintendent’s office between April 1 and June 15th.

New Bremen Local Schools
901 E Monroe Street
New Bremen, OH 45869

Applications will be dated upon receipt and may be used as a selection criteria should applicants exceed available space.

  1. The Superintendent will act upon all applications by June 30 th. Parents must indicate acceptance of transfer before July 15 th each year.
  2. One (1) application shall be submitted for each student who requests an inter-district transfer to New Bremen Local Schools under the Open Enrollment Program.
  3. The Superintendent may consider applications from students who move into an eligible district during a school year. Temporary approval may be given for duration of the school year and the request reconsidered during normal application period.
  4. The applications shall be completed, signed by the parent(s) or guardian of record, shall contain a social security number, birth certificate, a complete individual immunization record meeting current State of Ohio standards, and shall have a recent official transcript and a current IEP if applicable.
B. The number of openings in a particular program for students from adjacent districts will be determined by optimum size for a particular program, classroom/school building, or grade level which is the number of students that can be accommodated without increasing District expenditures for staff or equipment.

C. Applicants shall be considered on a first-come, first-served basis, annually with an assurance that resident New Bremen students will not be displaced. Tuition students and prior year participants and their siblings may be given preference.

D. No limitations regarding the admittance of handicapped students shall be recognized, with the exception of services required in an IEP which are not available in form or quantity on the premises of the School District. If a Cooperative Special Ed unit would serve; the fiscal agent of that unit would specify the excess cost incurred to the district of residence.

E. Transportation for students participating in the Inter-District Open Enrollment Program shall be the responsibility of the parent or guardian of the participating student, unless the student can be accommodated as a part of the scheduled transportation established by the District.

F. Students suspended and/or expelled by an Ohio school district for ten (10) consecutive days or more during the present or preceding semester for which application is made, shall not be eligible to participate in the Inter-District Open Enrollment Program.

G. Student athletes who transfer to adjacent districts as a participant in the Inter-District Open Enrollment Program are subject to the Ohio High School Athletic Association Constitution, Bylaws, and Sport Regulations governing athletic eligibility, as well as local athletic policies.

H. Applications may be rejected if the racial balance of either the sending or receiving school district would be negatively impacted.

I. Student selection shall not restrict consideration because of athletic, artistic, academic or extracurricular ability, handicapping conditions, language barriers, or disciplinary conditions other than those provided in Section 3313.09(c)(4) of the O.R.C.

J. The Superintendent of Schools has final decision making authority for all situations and conditions not specifically covered in these rules.

Adopted: April 9, 2008
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