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Learning target

1.  I can describe how magnetic forces work.
2.  I can describe where to find the magnictic poles on a magnet.
3.  I can find and describe the magnet field of a magnet.

Lesson overview

You are going to learn how magnets work and find items in the house that are and are not magnetic.

Task #1

1.  You will use a dictionary to look up the following words and write them down on a piece of paper.  You can use a dictionary you have at home or the computer.
     Words:  Magnetice field
                  Magnetic  poles

Task #2

1.  Now go to
2.  Go to the topic science
3.  Click on energy light and sound
4. Click on magnetism
5. Watch the slide show on magnetism
6. Take the test and print of your score and bring it in with your definitions.  If your printer does not work write down your score on your definition paper and have your parent sign it.

Task #3

1.  Find a magnet in your house( refigerator magnet) and list 5 things around your house it will attract to and 5 things it wouldn't.

Magnet attracted to                                             Magnet did not attract to


I hope you had fun.  See you back at school.

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