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Learning Target #1 

I can locate words and details to answer questions in a text.

Learning Target #2
I can ask and answer questions before, during, and after reading a text.

Click the link below to download the following story and worksheet.  Print out read the story, and complete the worksheet.


Learning Target #1
I can learn to spell frequently misspelled words.

In this lesson, students will use letter tiles from a Scrabble game to build their spelling words for the lesson. If you do not have a Scrabble game, there is a link below titled "Scrabble Tiles" that you can click on to see the tiles.  Students use tiles to create those words; then add up the value of the letters in each word to learn which of the week's spelling words has the highest mathematical value.

For example, if students' spelling words include forest and blank, the values are:

Note: Letter values appear in parentheses.
F (4) + O (1) + R (1) + E (1) + S (1) + T (1) = 9
B (3) + L (1) + A (1) + N (1) + K (5) = 11

So far, the word blank has the largest value. Students continue to figure the value for the other words on their weekly spelling lists to learn which word has the highest mathematical value.

Click on the link below to see the list of spelling words and the paper that needs to be completed and returned.

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